2:1 Multiplexer w/ USB Control Interface

105ps data phase shift capability for both data inputs
VCO’s from 20GHz to 32.1GHz
User selectable clock divide by 2 to 512 sync output for scope triggering
17ps Rise/Fall time for sync output
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Frequency (min): 2 Mbps
Frequency (max): 64 Gbps
Power: 15000 mW
Package: Benchtop
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Product Details

Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT_MUX64 can be used for test applications, design verification, and R&D environments. An external half-rate clock or a low frequency reference clock to the onboard PLL is needed to drive the 2:1 MUX. The Sync output provides oscilloscope triggering to view the pattern or eye diagram of any data. A Windows GUI (compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8) is used to control all adjustable parameters. Power is supplied with an included AC-DC power supply.